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Framework         : CodeIgniter MVC Database             : MySql HTML, JS, CSS   FRONT END HOME URL: http://localhost/yourproject/   File Path: /application/model/site/ /application/view/site/ /application/controller/site/   BACK END   Admin Home URL: http://localhost/yourproject/admin/dashboard   File Path: /application/model/admin/ /application/view/admin/ /application/controller/admin/   SETUP GUIDE…
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Solr Search server Installation in Local System

Solr in Localhost Step – 1: Download and Install Apache Tomcat URL: Step 2: Download Latest Solr (June 2014 latest version solr 4.8.1) URL: Step 3: Extract Zip file 3.1: Go to => solr-4.8.1\example and Copy folder “solr”…
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Errors and Exceptions

The Zend Framework codebase must be E_STRICT compliant. Zend Framework code should not emit PHP warning (E_WARNING, E_USER_WARNING), notice (E_NOTICE, E_USER_NOTICE), or strict (E_STRICT) messages when error_reporting is set to E_ALL | E_STRICT. See for information on E_STRICT. Zend…
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